Saturday, March 4, 2017

A New Thing

As an aspiring writer, I feel certain feelings and I turn them into stories that could inspire my readers to feel that feeling.

It's like a capsule, or a pill, that my readers can take, labelled "sweet happiness" or "rushing anger".

But I've never written a romance before. I can't say I haven't taken someone else's pill labelled "heartbreaking joy", but I myself don't know how to write something like that.

Recently, though, I found myself sitting at my desk, my bed, anything that could serve as a table, pen in hand, paper blank. Thinking and pondering over how to write a romance. How to take the feelings and turn them into another bright pill that would preserve and share the memory.

How does one show something pure, when the purity somewhat lies in the fact that it's humble? That it's not on display for the world to see?

If I were to label this pill it wouldn't be "belongingness". It wouldn't even be "security". Because I am secure in my identity in Christ, and I belong with Him. I wouldn't know what to name this pill, felt for an actual person.

It's a new thing, and I'm excited to learn more about it. And maybe one day, I will be able to put it into words and write my romance, but as of now, I'll just study it from afar.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Partially Done with Junior Year

I started this blog for a class in my first year in high school. I was a gawky kid with no friends, and an angry heart at those who could change the world but instead invested their time in trying to fit in.

Have things changed since then? Since them?

I don't think so. And yet, I do think so. I'm still gawky, and I still don't like people who waste their potential. But I've gained something from those 6 years since first year high school.

I've found things out about myself that I both love and don't love.

I'm different, and yet I'm the same. It's hard to explain.

Life tells you to discard the people who don't benefit you. The ones who suck the life out of you. I say don't. I agree that you probably shouldn't hang around them too much if their negative vibes are overwhelming, but at the same time, don't give up on them. Hope for them. See their potential and pray for them. And when you can, help them.

God has been supremely faithful to me these past few years. Instead of me being blown away by the world, the world has been spinning past me and God. With Him, I could face anything blown my way. And I know that without Him, I may have gotten the approval of the world, and of the Devil, but it would have bitten me in the back and killed me in the long run.

The tears I cry are tears for the world, not tears for myself. I cry when I feel depressed, and cry harder because I know there are people like me who feel a hundred times more depressed and they have no God to comfort them.

People dis my God. They say that He's useless, that He just wants your praise, that He's selfish. What, may I ask, has He done that's been a con for me? He has provided me with a home, He has given me the friends I have now. He has sustained me, He has been my strength.

Does He really not listen when you call? Think again.

You can take a risk with your life and jump off a cliff 50 feet into a lake, but you can't try to spend one day of your life to call on Him genuinely?


It's funny, I was going to make this blog about how sick I was at the end of 3rd year college Intersession. Literally, sick. My nose is sniffing away as I write this. I must have gone to the bathroom more times today than I have in the past 2 months.

- Jenna Selim/Hanadar

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Nick Pitera

I really, really like Nick Pitera. Mahn that guy is talented.
I first heard his Les Miserables cover and was amused by it. I never looked for it again, but I accidentally found his Disney medley and fell in love. Heh, he even sings better than me.
If you've never heard him, go now to YouTube and type him in. I suggest you try his Disney medley first though.

Oh, and to support him, go get his first original song "Better Days" on iTunes. It's really amazing.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Owlsome English

To make my Writing studies more interesting, I'm going to use my new vocab words in an owlsome phrase. Game? Ok, here we go!

"If Owl City tickets start selling, I'll buy mine with alacrity."

"I wish I had an array of Owl City albums."

"I can deduce from all the interviews of Adam that he's a real sweet kid. <3"

"I encumber my friends with non-stop talk of Owl City and Adam."

"To make music as a living must have been fraught with doubt at first for Adam."

"Though most of Adam's lyrics seem haphazard, the way he places his thoughts and the pattern of his music is actually rather ordered."

"My fandom for Owl City is incontrovertible. ;)"

"The lyrics of some of the best Owl City songs are quite inexplicable. Take Fireflies, for instance."

"The flow and beat of Adam's songs are ingenious."

"I am sometimes laggard in leaving the house because I hear an Owl City song playing on the radio and stay to hear the end."

"Owl City provides sustenance to my musical soul."

Torrid (burning with passion)-
"My love for Owl City is torrid."

"I will traverse the world to meet Adam."

"Owlsome fans are ubiquitous during Owl City concerts."

"Owl City is very near to being at the zenith of his career."

That was awesomely fun.

Owlsome Jenna, out! ;)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

True As The Sky

Run up the milky way and show me the stars
Drive through the dark in meteor cars
Trust me to come, I'm as true as the sky.

Glide past the planets, stop when you can
Show me the wonders of this starry land
Bring me along, to hear the stars sigh.

Orbit the sun, leave your shades on,
Don't go away, until hate is gone.
Lead me along, show me the way.

Bring me the stars, luminescent bright,
Bursting in flame, lighting the night.
I will watch on, I will not stray.

Bring out the wine, made from the moon
Drink it until the stars start to swoon
And fall from the sky, in one raining blaze.

Play comets' games, shoot past my view
But don't stray away, I'll be looking for you.
Don't make me look through the Milky Way maze.

Bring me back home, let's take a break,
See I have a thirst that adventures can't slake.
But come back for me, when I start to sigh.

Come like the wind, like you once said,
When you rescued me from the thoughts in my head.
Trust me to come, I'm as true as the sky.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


While waiting for my friend Nico to be finished with his homework, I was re-reading all my old blogs... I was laughing so hard.
By myself.
Don't worry, the Fort is used to me cracking up alone. :P
Now. To lunch!

Owlsome Post...

This is Blogger. This is me. I don't have much followers.

Owwwllll Cityyyy!!!!
I've been going on an Owl craze. Listening to his music, watching his old interviews... This is all thanks to for introducing me to Adam's music.
The thing about Adam is that his music is... different. He can sing about a thousand bizarre things and still come up with one emotion. (Though I'm not quite sure what emotion I got when I listened to Fireflies)
Another thing that drew me to him (the first thing) was when he sang with TobyMac (The First Noel) and I found out that he was christian. I mean, how cool is that? My respect for him shot up, and I decided to become an Owl.
One of the best decisions of my 15 years.
I really like his old albums, like Maybe I'm Dreaming, Of June, and Ocean Eyes... Of course All Things Bright and Beautiful. The Midsummer Station was the first album I had in my iTouch, but his music had gotten more mainstream.
I realized then that there were "two" Adams. The young one and the older one.
I fell in love with the music and the magic of the younger Adam. His surreality and passion for music drew me to listening to his old albums over and over again. There's always a sense of surprise behind his eyes.
The older Adam's songs make sense. They're not as absurd as the others. He's obtained a more placid personality, where the surprise in his eyes is a bit dulled. I hope he's just trying out this phase and will go to another genre in his next album. Mainstream doesn't fit him.
But I have faith in him. That he would go back to being the Adam who's music I love.

And now. Can I tell you the far-fetched dream of my heart? The echoes of my confession will only resonate around the untouched rooms of my mind... Unless my followers suddenly decide to look at my blog. D:
Ok, here is my dream. I know how to play the violin a bit... I'd like to get better and better at it. It's an instrument I would love to spend time and effort to learn. I was wondering if, when I get really good, Adam would let me play for his band. Just a thought. Why not, right?