Sunday, April 21, 2013

True As The Sky

Run up the milky way and show me the stars
Drive through the dark in meteor cars
Trust me to come, I'm as true as the sky.

Glide past the planets, stop when you can
Show me the wonders of this starry land
Bring me along, to hear the stars sigh.

Orbit the sun, leave your shades on,
Don't go away, until hate is gone.
Lead me along, show me the way.

Bring me the stars, luminescent bright,
Bursting in flame, lighting the night.
I will watch on, I will not stray.

Bring out the wine, made from the moon
Drink it until the stars start to swoon
And fall from the sky, in one raining blaze.

Play comets' games, shoot past my view
But don't stray away, I'll be looking for you.
Don't make me look through the Milky Way maze.

Bring me back home, let's take a break,
See I have a thirst that adventures can't slake.
But come back for me, when I start to sigh.

Come like the wind, like you once said,
When you rescued me from the thoughts in my head.
Trust me to come, I'm as true as the sky.

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